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Checking defect in welded of steel add joint with process Ultrasonic testing (UT) of Non-Destructive Testing(NDT)

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic examination to pipe welds. Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a family of non-destructive testing techniques based on the manual operation requires careful attention by experienced technicians

Non-destructive Ultrasonic Testing by Certified Professionals in Grande Prairie

Many industries rely on pipe systems, and if the piping system fails, organizations face major leakage, product loss, and other consequences. Most individuals only notice a problem after something goes wrong. Galey Inspection Services Ltd has worked extensively with clients to develop a strategy for detecting problems before they occur. One of the procedures we employ to undertake corrosion and erosion checks in Grande Prairie is ultrasonic testing. This type of testing determines pipe wall loss, locates pitting and pinholes, and finds deterioration. We deliver all the gathered data in an easy-to-understand report so you can precisely estimate the condition of your piping or any other equipment.

The testing is done by our CGSB/ASNT Level II certified technicians, who guarantee every piece of equipment is tested. So, if you need a dependable non-destructive ultrasonic test in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas, you can contact us to deliver effective and precise findings.

Process of Ultrasonic Testing That Grande Prairie Residents Rely On

Let us walk you through each step of ultrasonic testing:

  • Ultrasonic testing detects faults by employing electrical charges. We set up our equipment after determining the material for non-destructive testing. 

  • This device generates ultrasonic pulses that are transferred through the material. These waves provide data back to the technician. 

  • A certified technician evaluates the data given on the 'A-Scan' presentation once the testing is completed. 

  • The technician also identifies the precise position of defects, corrosion, and other material thickness information.

Ultrasonic test to detect imperfection or defect of round bar steel raw material in factory, NDT Inspection
Ultrasonic test to detect imperfection or defect of round bar steel raw material in factory

What Materials Can Be Tested?

Ultrasonic testing is ideal for the inspection of dense, crystalline structures and has a range of industrial applications. It is commonly used on: 

  • Pressure vessels

  • Process lines

  • Production equipment (high-pressure flowlines and swings)

  • Wellhead piping

  • Pipelines

A Reliable Source for Ultrasonic Testing

We offer ultrasonic testing in compliance with industry codes and standards.

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