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Radiographic Testing (RT)

A picture showcasing Galey Inspection Services Ltd's worker inspecting an underground pipe

Radiographic Testing by Certified Technicians in Grande Prairie

Radiographic testing is a very common non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection method known for its versatility in identifying a wide variety of flaws in different materials. One of the advantages of radiography testing is that it can reveal discontinuities located on or below the surface. Galey Inspection Services Ltd offers radiographic testing in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas. We examine various manufactured components to verify the internal structure and integrity of the specimen.

Our experienced radiographers work within strict safety guidelines. We use our years of expertise to assess if an irregularity is truly an irreparable defect or if it can be approved in accordance with the latest code requirements. The process is done using either x-rays or gamma rays, thereby considered non-destructive testing. 

If you want to book our radiography service in Grande Prairie, get in touch with us today. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Certified Level II Radiographic Technicians

When you call Galey Inspection Services Ltd, you receive experienced CGSB/SNT Level II certified technicians. Our procedures are also backed by CGSB/SNT Level III certified technicians. Our highly trained and completely certified technicians ensure that every piece of equipment is tested to the best of our abilities. We only use up-to-date equipment and programs to perform radiographic testing. This provides our clients with trustworthy test results to keep their job sites safe. We also keep our service trucks up-to-date with international non-destructive testing standards.

RT 4.jpg
Radiographic inspection of welds after heat treatment

How It Works

As a non-destructive testing technique, radiographic testing (RT) analyzes the structural integrity of a material by directing radiation through its surface. This type of testing works in the following ways:

  1. Radiographic testing begins with thorough safety checks on equipment. Once complete, we clear the area of any non-nuclear energy workers.

  2. We place a radioactive device on one side of the material and a radiographic film on the other.

  3. We use radiation to penetrate the part. This penetration leaves a shadowgraph on the film showing the material's structural integrity in 2D.

  4. Our radiographic testing technicians interpret the results and inform the client of any potential defects.

  5. We deliver a full report based on our non-destructive testing findings.

Uses of Non-destructive Testing

Radiographic testing, due to its non-destructive nature, has the potential to benefit industries like oil and gas, construction and nuclear. It’s commonly used to inspect facilities, pipelines, gas plants, bridges, custom fabrications and industrial facilities.

Looking for Professional Radiography Services?

Get in touch with us at Galey Inspection Services Ltd for quality industrial radiography services in Grande Prairie.

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