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Hardness Testing

Measure Material Strength with Hardness Testing in Grande Prairie

Radiographic testing is one of the most popular testing procedures available at Galey Inspection Services Ltd in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas. Hardness testing is a supplement to Radiographic testing. The procedure includes applying a steady force to a metal surface using a rounded or pointed item under controlled conditions to form an indentation. Then, the data is entered into the analytic computer software to calculate hardness precisely. Our hardness testers can measure hardness in a number of modes, including Brinell and Vickers.

When selecting an appropriate hardness test, there are several factors to consider. Our technicians have extensive expertise and knowledge to advise you on the appropriate type of hardness test for your sample. For further information, please get in touch with us.

Hardness Testing Applications

Applicable products to test are:


  • Buildings

  • Bridges

  • Industrial structures

  • Rail and road vehicles

  • Mobile drilling units

  • Pipelines and piping

  • Pressure vessels

  • Boilers

  • Heat exchangers

  • Tanks

A picture showcasing a transport vehicle of Galey Inspection Services Ltd and a long industrial pipe

Check the Hardness of Your Material

Get a hardness test done to evaluate the hardness or strength of your equipment or material.

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