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Steel plate inspection by ultrasonic test for found internal defec

NDE Consulting

An image of a facility showcasing a long industrial pipe and a few other tools and equipment

Grande Prairie’s First Choice for NDE Consulting Services

While NDT is limited to testing, NDE encompasses both testing and results evaluation. NDE is used to find defects in a material and its other intricate details such as size, shape, orientation, and other physical features. However, a description of the defect is not enough; you need a professional who can advise you on the next step to eradicate the defect. Galey Inspection Services Ltd in Grande Prairie provides clients with NDE consultancy services in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas. We give sound advice so that our client’s business functions effectively and without interruption.

Consult with our experts to examine your equipment for flaws and analyze the results. Trust us to deliver the right solution since we have been in business for 20 years and have aided several clients in determining the inadequacies of their equipment and materials. Contact us today for more information!

Trust Our Professionals

Prevent damage before it happens with NDE consulting services.

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