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Liquid Penetrant Testing on valve

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)

Spraying liquid penetrant to detect defects in welds. Detection of minor defects after the end of welding work

Grande Prairie’s Reliable Provider for Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid penetrant testing is one of the oldest and simplest non-destructive testing methods used to detect surface-breaking flaws such as cracks and porosity. Our trained professionals perform this method to detect faults in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This method allows businesses to have trouble-free functioning of their equipment, resulting in minimum or no downtime. If you also want to locate flaws in your equipment in a cost-effective manner, get in touch with Galey Inspection Services Ltd for liquid penetrant testing in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas.

Liquid Penetrant Testing Process

After properly cleaning the material's surface, a penetrant (dye suspended in liquid) is applied to the inspection surface and allowed to permeate for a certain amount of time. After this time period has passed and adequate capillary reactivity has occurred, the surplus penetrant is removed from the inspection surface, and a developer is applied. This developer extracts any dye that has pierced the surface-breaking indications, resulting in a visual presentation of the insufficiency. The technician will examine the fault at this moment.

The non-destructive testing technician is inspection to welds of eyebolt with liquid penetrant testing method
Spraying liquid penetrant to detect defects in welds

Why Choose Us?

There are various reasons for choosing us, some of them are as follows:


  • To accomplish our job successfully, we rely on well-maintained, high-quality equipment. All of our vehicles are outfitted with the most recent international non-destructive testing requirements and are meticulously maintained.

  • Our simple-to-understand digital reports will be kept for future reference. These reports will contain a digital photograph of the specimen inspected.

  • We provide multi-ticketed, qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced technicians who have CGSB/ASNT Level II certification, and are up to date on the latest safety requirements and industry best practices.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Trust our liquid penetrant inspection solutions to provide superior results in detecting fine defects.

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